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Hello I’m a crypto investor and advocate. I’ve been investing in crypto since 2017 and made a little money in that time. Iam not an expert but I have experience and knowledge to share for anyone who wants to know. A lot of people in the world have only heard of bitcoin and that it was a bubble, a scam, to volatile, drug dealers only, etc etc... this is not the case. The technology that bitcoin runs on is called “blockchain” which is essential for our current government financial situation. This is an incorruptible solution to our problems. Along with bitcoin there are many other coins but few with actual use cases and utility. What I offer is a service. A service to inform you, show you how to set up exchanges and wallets, and to put your money where it needs to go. I wouldn’t tell you to invest in anything that I’m not invested in. There is a financial revolution taking place and you do not, I repeat you do not want to miss for those who missed the 2017 bull run of a 20k bitcoin. I will explain everything you need to know and guide you for however long it takes. I’m in this to get rich and so is everyone, but I genuinely believe in the technology and the blockchain. I don’t want big bankers continuously printing money which is devaluing our fiat currency. I want a solution to that problem and that’s just what this is. The only way to get rich spiritually is to share and want the same for others so this is why I’m doing this. I do charge a one time fee of $200. Like I said this buys you me for however long you need me, I’m available 24/7. But in the grand scheme of things this is nothing compared to what you can make in this market.

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