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education completed: some college
info licenza: Driver's license, Passport, FAA Pilot

I'm 54 year ole retired Firefighter/Paramedic looking to relocate to FlorenceVinci/ Borgo vicinity. Experienced in Farming,Maintenance,Equipt Operations (heavy,marine,agricultural,aviation,industrial etc),metal/wood fabrication,blacksmith(architectural/knife making), teaching(English/guitar)basic Italian speaker, optician/Optometry, auto mech,salt/fresh water fishing/hunting guide,game/livestock keeping,resort operations,cooking,electrical, plumbing,fire protection system maint/installation, Emergency Medicine skilled,climate control,small aircraft pilot(FAA Licensed), orchard and vineyard management to name a few. Small town preferred, possibly as a caretaker/ worker for elderly w/farm or orchard/vineyard.
I'm Christian, HONEST, Dependable, and Personable. I excel in managing people, time and production. I am an extremely hard worker with a great work ethic.I will have an income from pension and home rental in US but would like a job with safe housing available. This is not just a hurried decision, I will be totally committed to the right opportunity. I have been to Italy twice and would like very much to live there. Please consider my offer and pass this around to others. Thank you.
W W Hendrix
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